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The reversing device by R-TECHas a safe reversing device for precast concrete parts

In construction, during the final assembly of concrete parts, wall elements are moved from horizontal to vertical as required. As a functional reversing device for this task, the R-TECH reversing frame gives you a clear safety advantage while making your work easier.

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More with security

The company from Willendorf am Steinfelde, Austria, also proves what R-TECH can do with the example of the inloader for precast concrete parts: without dampers and pivot bearings, the reversing device for precast concrete parts can be easily operated and manipulated in a strictly functional manner. As with the inloader and deposit pallets, R-TECH depends on three essential aspects: safety, functionality and quality. This also ensures efficient use of the reversing frame, which protects and secures people and material. In this way, R-TECH sets sustainable safety standards at the highest level in transport and when installing complex concrete parts. 

The advantages of the R-TECH turning frame at a glance

The reversing device impresses with its clear design as a welded construction made of rolled sheet metal parts with framework struts. The wall is stabilised using long threads. All contact surfaces are protected with wood or plastic. The advantages of the R-TECH turning device for concrete elements are:

  • Easier implementation of turning work
  • Damage to wall elements is avoided
  • Work safety on construction sites is increased.

Concrete walls with a weight of up to 20 tons can be moved with a maximum wall length of 12 metres. The reversing frame itself weighs around 1 ton and can be given a double colour coating in RAL according to your wishes.

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In worldwide use successfully: reversing technology by R-TECH

We use technological knowledge, quality awareness and expertise for your equipment – from the inloader for prefabricated parts and the BDF swap body through to the reversing device for complex concrete elements.

We focus on safety, functionality and quality. Our technology not only complies with safety requirements, but also defines new standards.

This increases general safety on your construction sites, streamlines the work process and lowers costs while maintaining high quality. Get your own impression:

This is our reversing technology! Are you interested or do you have an order? Contact us now. We are here for you!

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