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Video R-TECH load dropping pallet with insertion slot:

R-TECH preload technology has existed for more than 20 years and develops with and for our European customers in the wood and precast concrete industry.
The use of R-TECH transport frames offers great optimisation in important process sequences:

Security increase

The loading and unloading of transport frames is stress-free, without:

  • a lorry with a driver having to wait
  • people under time pressure having to complete the loading and unloading process

This greatly reduces the risk of accidents.

Cost optimisation by reducing transport damage

Through the controlled loading and unloading process and, if necessary, the use of special safety elements, damage to the components to be transported is greatly reduced. This results in the following:

  • Unnecessary subsequent costs for repair work or quality reductions are avoided
  • The components are only traded twice – once from production to the transport frame and once from the transport frame to the final assembly point
  • All intermediate manipulations are protected with the transport frames

Capacity increase

R-TECH transport frames increase production capacity because:

  • unnecessary intermediate storage in the production hall is not required
  • the frames can also be used as storage
  • lorry transport can be carried out much more efficiently, as they are not constrained by waiting times for loading and unloading
  • intermediate manipulation times by reloading and resizing can be avoided
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