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Inloader pallets  – robust, durable and secure

The highest safety standards with optimal handling and flexible use characterise the inloader pallets by R-TECH.

The inloader pallet versions can be selected in standard and extra robust with securing elements for solid walls and double walls as well as a post system with plug-in or sliding systems through to individual solutions with plastic surfaces.

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Highest security standards through our own security tests

Security requirements are defined differently internationally. We set standards that are right. We counteract the risk of tipping in gusts of wind, damage during transport or movement with innovative, tested systems.

Practical tests have been carried out for load dropping pallets, swap bodies and inloader pallets and give you the assurance that everything is going well on the construction site for people and material. At R-TECH we have exclusively developed telescopic inloader pallets especially for the telescopic inloader FAYMONVILLE PREFAMAX. Efficiency and security are not mutually exclusive. Convince yourself of what our inloader pallets can do.

Tried and tested structural security systemsafe goods and accident prevention

Large construction site after a severe storm, where the extreme case – the domino falling from walls on inloader pallets – can be seen. This serial accident involving several inloader pallets with walls went on until it hit R-TECH inloader pallets with a support system. Our structural supporting system has proven itself to the point that not only our own goods were secured on the pallet, but this accident was also stopped.

Our safety standard

Security spike & security sword

To fix the transport elements to the gibbets (guide block), we offer security spikes and security swords as required. All R-TECH inloader pallets can be retrofitted with the supporting system.

Our wedge fixation has particularly proven itself in many years of practical use (see safety standard)

Securing with stakes

For maximum safety with complex concrete walls, we offer the base frames with integrated staketrusses. Stakes can be inserted in the required positions to stabilise the complex parts.

Requirements for base frames

We have developed customised solutions to protect loaded goods during transport.

Base frame with sheet metal floor and hard rubber support /with hard rubber support in the area of the cross bearers

Base frame with wooden support

Base frame with wooden support in the whole area

Innovation exclusively by R-TECHspecially developed telescopic pallet

Our proven load securing elements are of course also available for the telescopic pallet. Loading length: 9.5 to 13.4 meters.

Innovation by R-TECH, available soon.

Our telescopic inloader pallet was specially developed by R-TECH for the telescopic inloader  FAYMONVILLE PREFAMAX - Exclusively by R-TECH!

Efficient transport option

Thanks to the modular design, all pallet variants can be transported in a stack. This results in potential savings in return transport.

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